We strive to let the “recording technique” be subordinate to the performance. In other words, we want to record the performance as “pure” as possible.

We record our high-quality music recordings in natural spaces such as concert halls and churches and make use of the acoustics available.The musicians determine the balance by their positions and make the necessary changes to it.

The registration is performed with excellent equipment and it is ideally suited for making audio registrations in natural spaces through the transparent sound. For the recording we use DPA microphones linked to RME Mic Preamps (OctaMic XTC), which through MADI are connected to the interface, RME HDSPe MADI FX, of the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Because we place the preamps as short as possible to the musical source, we are able to keep the analog connections between microphone and preamp as short as possible. The used microphone cables, “Gold Neglex quad Studio 2534 ″ are made by Mogami.

The recording is recorded directly in Soundblade HD of Sonic Studio to 32 Bit level. In addition, we have available Logic from Apple for mixing and recording.

Editing and mastering are done in Soundblade HD with the addition of iZotope RX 2 Advanced restoration software. For monitoring we have a Cranesong Avocet with Philips MFB Studio speakers and Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro and DT 770 Pro headphones. The cabling in the studio is performed with Mogami Gold AES/EBU 3173